Publishing on MOH website after Dr.Lawson visit to KSA.

Let me share with you this publishing on MOH website ( Directorate of health affairs. Eastern region) after Dr.Lawson visit to KSA.

Dr.Lawson had successful surgeries in one MOH hospital, afterwards, management team decided to put this on MOH website!! Very nice PR campaign to us

I translated the written Arabic article for you to read; but check the link and see how it looks ( more pics in)

Editors wrote:

Removing of Varicose Vein by RadioFrequency technique without surgical incision

(Dr. / Abdullah Salman, head of surgery at King Fahd Hospital said that department of surgery and specifically vascular surgery unit introduced new technology to treat the varicose veins by coagulation and ablation using a the radio frequency technology without surgical incision, this new technique has a great advantage over the laser technology by lower complications, and quick recovery . Where the vascular team, consisting of “Dr / Ali Salman, Dr / Mohamed Almmtn, Dr / Ala-Mohammadi,” did three operations on 29/04/1431 AH, where the patients recovered and expressed their happiness and they discharged from hospital the next day this new technique give a chance for patients with varicose veins to recover early and return to their everyday work early, Said Dr. / Abdullah Salman, head of surgery that the administrative support of the Director of Health Affairs Ehsaa “Dr/ Hussein Bin Rawi Al Rwale and director of King Fahd hospital in hafouf “Dr./ Mohsen Bin Nasser Al-Melhem, “and the professional enthusiasm of the department of surgery, especially vascular surgery unit was an essential building block for this achievement and this step, as the King Fahd Hospital is the only government hospital that has such technology in the eastern region)


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